Notes from the Field


I have many blogs where I have written about various topics at one time or another.  Vanishing Calhoun and Yondering are about my hometown and about travels. I have a blog named Graves of Confederate Soldiers. Here I record the burials of Confederate soliders. I am nearing 1000 cemeteries visited.  I have a genealogy blog that I do not spend a lot of time working in because I do not do a lot of genealogy any more.  Somewhere on this I have placed links to these blogs if anyone strikes your fancy to visit.

In 1985 I recorded the encounter with a bluebird on a road sign in an orange engineering notebook. Since then I have recorded just about everything that has happened in my personal and professional life in one type of journal or another. Notes from the Field will be a place where I record things that I normally write about in my daybook.


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