Abbott Cemetery

Abbott Cemetery
Abbott Cemetery

January 24, 2018

For years I have known about a cemetery that sets on a rise beyond Longhorns out across the interstate.  There was once a Geocache located on the slope beyond the graves. I found it but did not record anything about the cemetery. I visited the cemetery Sunday afternoon and found over 20 graves for Abbot, Faith, Fox, and Wyatt Families. This is an old Gordon County cemetery. The last burial that I could find was in 1921. The largest tombstones are those of the Abbott Family. Jacob Abbott came from Virginia to Gordon County. He died in 1863. Two of his sons were Confederate soldiers and are buried here.

Robert Ambrose Abbott was a member of Company K of the 3rd Georgia Calvary. he enlisted in the army with a horse valued at 200 dollars in 1862. He died at Camp Randolph in Calhoun.

Armstead Ambrose Abbott enlisted in the Confederate Army on May 7, 1862. He was a member of the Calhoun Blues, Company D, 40th Georgia Infantry Regiment. A.A> Abbott was captured at Champion Hill on May 17, 1863 and was a prisoner of war at Fort Delaware. At some point prior to 1864 he was paroled. He rejoined the army and was captured again at Atlanta on August 113, 1864. He spent time at as a POW at Louisville, Kentucky, Camp Chase, Ohio, and Point Lookout, Maryland. Here he took the oath of allegiance and was released on June 22, 1865.


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