Calhoun Georgia Rock’s

I have joined the ranks of Facebook followers hunting for painted rocks around town.  It seems it is another summer craze much like Pokemon was last summer. I have hunter Geocaches Letterboxes, and Munzees at one time or another, so it is kinda natural for me to join in. Here are my first three finds:


Howard Hill’s Grave


Howard Hill’s grave is located in the New Ashville Cemetery in St.Clair County, Alabama. If you look closely you will see bows and arrows carved into the headstone and arrows stuck into the grave! This is a tribute to one of the greatest archers of modern times. Hill was born in 1899 in Wilsonville, Alabama. He was a star athlete in high school and he played several sports at Auburn. His skills with the longbow landed him trick/stunt shooting gigs in the movies of the time. He played in several Errol Flynn movies and was said to be a good friend of Flynn.  He was equally famous for his hunting feats. He died in 1975.  Check out the link below:

Howard Hill Archery


For those Geocachers out there GC10P84 Real Life Robin Hood is located behind the trees in the background.

Dry Creek Milkweed

May 28, 2017: We took the Jeep to attempt a geocache near the Dry Creek Trailhead in Chatooga County this morning.  Along one section of the road toward the Pinhoti Trail there were several clumps of Milkweed being visited by Black Swallowtails.


Notes from the Field


I have many blogs where I have written about various topics at one time or another.  Vanishing Calhoun and Yondering are about my hometown and about travels. I have a blog named Graves of Confederate Soldiers. Here I record the burials of Confederate soliders. I am nearing 1000 cemeteries visited.  I have a genealogy blog that I do not spend a lot of time working in because I do not do a lot of genealogy any more.  Somewhere on this I have placed links to these blogs if anyone strikes your fancy to visit.

In 1985 I recorded the encounter with a bluebird on a road sign in an orange engineering notebook. Since then I have recorded just about everything that has happened in my personal and professional life in one type of journal or another. Notes from the Field will be a place where I record things that I normally write about in my daybook.