Villanow, Georgia

January 7, 2020

I headed north this morning through the Chattahoochee National Forest to capture some new Geocaches in Villanow, Georgia.The caches were located at the Villanow Community Center. There was a couple hanging out doing what couple do in the middle of the most direct paths to all three caches, so I decided to ride around and come back after they had finished their conversation.

I ventured north on Georgia 201 from the crossroads with Georgia 136 to a relatively modern Phillips Cemetery. I also stopped to photograph Cavender Cemetery (Find A Grave # 33175).  This old family plot is in a field behind lock and key. Joseph Warren Cavender is buried here with his wife and in-laws.  A quick internet check suggests he was a Confederate veteran and quite the local business man after the war.

Cavender Cemetery, Walker County, Georgia

I also found a log corn crib built in the 1880’s by Archibald Reed. Reed was the son of a Confederate veteran that lived in Gordon County and died sometime after the Battle of Vicksburg. Arch Reedand his wife Rosa Kennemer raised a large family in this area.   More information and sources are posted at Vanishing Georgia on Facebook.



A Reed Corn Crib
Arch Reeds Corn Crib and Sheep, Walker County, Georgia

I did find two of the three caches (#1728 and #1729) . phone died and I got hungry!

What A Week in the Field

It has been quite the week.

Wednesday, June 13, 2017, was a real big “finding” day. In the morning I found one of the Calhoun Rocks painted rocks, and two Munzees. I took a Letterboxing trip to the cemeteries in Cassville and Kingston. The find of the day was a structure on Hall Station Road about a mile and a half from Kingston The structure or ruins appear to be the only extant structure of the Williams Cement Company double kiln…a pre- Civil War business venture in north Georgia. Apparently there is a rock formation that can be mined for an ore from which cement is produced.

NFTF Version
Williams Cement Kiln, Bartow County, Georgia

I also found Geocaches along this trip.

On June 15, 2017 We went to the top of Horn Mountain ..opposite John’s Mountain find a Geocache GC6DA6 – A Surprise on Horn Mountain. That was quite the adventure. We were took Forest Road 231 to the top of the ridge where the old road bed crosses the ridge.  We would have never taken this trip in the past. BUT with our little orange jeep we are fearless!

The top is lined with a narrow strip of large and medium boulders. There is a geology lesson there. There is also a botany lesson to he developed.

When I got to the cache the ridge top was enveloped in a cloud…this was kind of surreal.

Horn Mountain
Horn Mountain, Walker County, Georgia


June 18, 2017 – Father’s Day Trip to Point Park in Chattanooga. We did a six mile hike that absolutely killed me. Saw a lot of interesting thing today.